All About Me

To get to know me, I will tell you a few facts about me and what I do and why...

I am 26 years old I was born & raised in Hobart, I'm engaged to my handsome future husband Brenton and together we have 3 amazing children Liam, Ardon & Isla. I also have 2 gorgeous horses, yes I'm a horse crazy girl! I love shopping as much as the next girl but of course, I always end up walking out with a million things for my children and maybe something for my partner.

I first discovered my passion for photography when I became a mother, now at 25 years old, happily Engaged, and 3 wonderful children later, (now slightly grown up being 6, 5 and 2,) I'm finally able to share that gift with all of you!

If you have seen my Images, you will notice that most of my work is with newborns, The art and creativity that goes into styling, posing, and capturing those tiny little people is the most amazing part of my job. Being able to work with your precious little newborn is exactly the reason why I have the best job in the world. 

From personal experience, I know that trusting another person when it comes to being a new parent is always nerve-racking so knowing not only do I have 3 littlies of my own I have been photographing babies since 2015 and have many sessions under my belt.

I'm a Studio Photographer and also use a Strobe Lighting System, while specialising in mainly Newborn Photography that is not all I do, Maternity Session, Sitter Session, Portraits Sessions & Cake Smash Session are on our lists as well. Being a studio photographer means I also have an abundance of props, wraps, backgrounds, dresses, newborn outfits & headbands, so many gorgeous little bears (for your tiny babies to hold onto looking oh so adorable) and the list goes on! I offer many different styles of setups, although I must say I love the splash of colour! I certainly admit to having a bit of a 'rainbow situation' going on here. haha

I'm quirky & fun by nature and all the children in my studio spend 90% of that time hysterically laughing at the wide variety of funny noises & faces I can make to them, (you gotta do what you gotta do for the picture) haha

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