Mini Sessions

Mothers Day Minis

Our previous mini session was our Mothers Day Mini and we had so many beautiful mums come in and celebrate the amazing little children they brought into the world.

Christmas Minis

Our 2021 Christmas Minis were a real hit and we had so many beautiful families come in to celebrate the holidays for quite a few of our little clients it was their first christmas!

So adorable!

Easter 2021 Mini Session



A mini session is a theme or holiday based 20-40 minute session that is normally spread over 1 or 2 days, we make room for around 15 -20 time slots so you and your families can come in and have some beautiful photos taken. Having young children myself I know how hard it can be to make multiple children co-operate, so the mini sessions are quite often the best way to get in and get some great shots.

We personally have 2 sorts of Mini Sessions - 20 Minutes & 40 Minutes. The 20-minute mini sessions due to the time schedule are not available for the client's closet access, however if your wanting us to either dress you or your children our 40 Minute Mini Sessions are the way to go. We pre-arrange your wardrobe and when you arrive you can get all dressed up and make some memories.

What we love about mini sessions is that they are more relaxed and casual do not let the short time slot deter you from booking, we really focus on beautiful candid shots of you just being with your little ones in the moment. Children can really sense the moment and do some beautiful things without even being asked and these sweet gestures of love are what we strive to capture.

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