The studio is open by appointment only.

We are located at 4 Kallay Court, Berriedale.

Hobart, Tas 7011.

4 Kallay Court, Berriedale, Hobart 7011

We have a home studio based just 15 minutes from Hobart CBD, you can come and relax in our lounging area, while we capture your child's beautiful memories.

We offer a wide range of styles, outfits & props to create unique images for your taste.

Every day we receive new Items for our studio as we are always looking for stunning new pieces that can make your images special & unique. Only a few are displayed here you can get a better idea of our items in photographs being used on our Instagram. If you see something a setup we have done that you love take a screenshot and send it to us so we can remake it for your session.

We do have an area where you can view all the different types of colours schemes, outfits, props and backgrounds available for your child's session; we also display our props at each appointment, so if something catches your eye while you're having your session let us know and we can incorporate it into your photo shoot.

Newborn Floodrops, backgrounds & Headbands

In the above images you can see we have over 50 different colours, textures and styles of fabric for your newborn babies photoshoot background & over 60 stunning headbands to match!

Newborn Outfits

In the studio we have over 80 different outfits for both girls, boys & many neutral ones aswell.

We have many twins and triplets sets of both outfits & wraps, the appointment of multiples always make priority on our booking schedule.

Here is a sneak peak at what a newborn baby session will look a little bit like upon arrival you will see all the beautiful setups your little one will be photographed with. All our unique items available also on display for you to also have the option to choose new props or items to add even more images to add even more variety.


Our colourful/ floral backdrops can be used for all session types Maternity, Newborn & Milestones. Even for our Mummy & Me Sessions these can be requested.

Props & Accessories

We have so many beautiful wooden props, cane props, bowls, baskets, gloves, tiny bears, love hearts, you name it, and we probably have it!

Everything we have is on display to choose from at your session; we are always on the lookout for more (I see something I love, and I HAVE to have it).

A BONUS if your session is booked before 35 weeks and you want a specific item we don't have (this doesn't happen often, I have a serious Prop addiction), we will order it for you at no extra cost, so it's here in time to use for your session. YAY!

If you are needing to contact us promptly to discuss an urgent matter of cancellation or booking please use our

mobile - 0473916678 or

email us directly -

Thank you.