Terms & Conditions

Please Read this form as you will be asked to sign this form at or before your booking.

By paying your deposit for your session and attending on the date we will assume you have READ & AGREED to the terms and conditions AND THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY APPLY UNLESS OTHERWISE DISCY.

Thank you for choosing Family Photography here is a guide to our session requirements or advice that will help to make a smooth and happy experience for both you and your child, this will need to be read, signed and given back to us before or on the session date.

We ask that you bring a snack, drink & change of clothes for the child having the session, especially for our cake smash clients as we if they are too hungry they may eat too much of the cake and make them feel unwell.

Or if you are bringing a newborn an extra bottle, a dummy, a blanket that smells of home for comfort and if they settle with a type of music or or toy your welcome to bring that in aswell.

There is strictly NO PHOTOS to be taken on any devices while any session is being held.

As extras in the studio tend to get in the way of lighting and props and distract the child, which in turn will result in you getting an album full of photos of the side of your child's head.

Also due to previous payments not being made after the photo session.

We do not offer a reshoot for dissatisfaction of the style or facial expressions of the infant or child being photographed. We do however to the best of our abilities try to amuse and entertain all of our little clients so you get the best out of your session.

All photo sessions include a different number of images, however around 30-50 images will be uploaded to your Pixieset Collection individual images are available for $49.99 each. Your unique code for your private collection will be sent through email along with a seperate code to unlock the downloads after full payment is made.

Please note that we DO NOT give out raw unedited images to keep as this does not accurately reflect the quality of our work, there is no price or deal that includes these it is strictly not what we do. You can only view unedited images as a preview to select your final album that will be fully edited, when your edited album is uploaded the unedited files will be replaced.

We have these codes and security to ensure your child's photos cannot be viewed & downloaded by any other client or personnel. Or if you have arranged a payment plan through Family Photography then when payment plan total is paid you will receive the email including all details.

Deposits of $99-$199 must be paid on booking for any type of session to be given a date.

This deposit is strictly non-refundable but will be kept and applied to that date you re-book your session.

On the day of your appointment you will receive a courtesy message reminding you of the time your session is booked. If you are attending the appointment you will need to respond to the message as instructed.

If you haven't attended your appointment we will contact you over a 1 hour time frame with 3 notifications, if they go unanswered after 1 hour duration we will have not choice but to assume you are not attending you appointment. We will cancel your booking and fill your spot with a client on our waiting list, in these situations your deposit will not be refunded.

When selecting your images after your session we may accept change your mind on any package sizes up until 2 weeks after you have selected your final gallery as the hours of editing have already been done and will need to be paid for.

Bookings for a Cake Smash or Donut Smash changed under the 24 hour mark before your booking, will result in loss of deposit. As Cakes in particular are ordered and paid for up to a week in advance of the Cake Smash session date and due to the time cannot be filled in by any other client.

However if you know of someone wanting to fill in your place that can be arranged.

Our Cake Maker is also dedicating their time, ingredients and skill towards making this a special experience for both you and your child.

In all of our newborn photo sessions we supply 100% off the costumes, outfits and props.

The only thing our customers are asked to bring to a session is different with each customer and also differ with the type of session you are booking.

A non refundable session fee of $99-$199 is required to book in your session.

Outer locations requested for any session are an additional $125 on top of ANY session price.

Any clients animals included coming along to any session will incur a fee of around $50-$100, any clean-up / damage caused by the animal will be invoiced to you for the repair or replacement of the item in question. And no images will be released until the items that have been damaged are paid for. Due to me only being a small start out business I can not afford to pay out of pocket for items that have been damaged or are needing to be replaced, (this will also apply to things damaged or broken by children. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our terms and conditions and we look forward to seeing you at your booking date, by paying your deposit for your session and attending we will assume you have READ & AGREED to the terms and conditions.